Wicker Furniture: The New In-Style Goes Outdoors

Hand-crafted from colourful synthetic rattan weaved over a sturdy metal frame, Simplicity Furnishing's rattan furniture is a stylish addition to any space. If you need to populate your space with outdoor furniture, Simplicity Furnishing has dining sets, tea sets, sofa sets, bar sets and even an array of hanging baskets to complement your patio, balcony, garden, terrace or verandah. 

Adding a Tinge of Countryside

Amidst cold steel and concrete, allow Simplicity Furnishing to add a tinge of the countryside feel to your place. Our synthetic rattan furniture will spice your place up, making it look a little more rustic. Whether you are chilling out on our ever popular Carolina tea set, or running a dinner get-together over our Georgia, put that lazy siesta back in our busy fiesta with Simplicity Furnishing's wicker furniture!


Louisiana Wicker Bar Set

Louisiana Wicker Bar Set
1 500.00 SGD each Out of stock


Aluminum Wicker Bar Set (4 Aluminum Wicker Bar Stools + 1 Aluminum Wicker Bar Counter With Clear Glass Top)



Bar Stool: L400mm x W400mm x H700mm

Bar Counter: L1200mm x W700mm x H1100mm



Do not expose to strong sunlight.

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